Lake Highlands resident Jon Robertson thinks in images. His day job is a law firm records manager, supervising the creation of a virtual library, but it’s his side job — drawing charcoal sketches — that really puts his creative mind to work. Although he attended a private art school at a young age, Robertson is mostly self-taught. “The problem is I’m kind of a perfectionist. I never enjoyed what I did,” he says. After putting away his art supplies for several years, however, Robertson pulled them out and drew a picture of his wife’s parents’ house. “That’s how it started. Everyone was amazed,” says his wife, Ashli. Now Robertson regularly sketches homes and paints murals — like the one he did for actress Angie Harmon. “Business has definitely picked up in the last year,” he says, referring to the small venture he established by word of mouth. He also donates his art to the LHECPTA and the Elisa Project, where auction bids climb to $300 or $400, he says. “When people see these and hear they’re affordable, they’re shocked,” says Ashli, whom Jon refers to as his agent. Most of Robertson’s 8×10 sketches sell for $100, mainly covering the cost of framing.

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