First the city doles out nearly 47,000 blue bins as part of its new recycling program, and then it begins taking them back — _____ had already been repossessed by mid-January. The reason? According to sanitation services director Mary Nix, some residents failed to read the fine print on the city’s website and in its mailers. (Apparently people were a little too gung ho about saving the earth and missed the miniscule disclaimer.) It basically states that homes with manual service, or whose garbage is collected in bags, would have no changes in their weekly recycling service. In other words, unless you’ve already got one of the city’s official gray garbage bins, you weren’t supposed to get a blue one. Despite this, blue bins were delivered by the droves to non-gray bin homes over the last few months, leading these neighbors to believe that they would be included in Dallas’ “more options, less hassles” initiative. For this mistake, Nix says, they can thank the city’s bin delivery vendor, which she says had a “very difficult” time distinguishing between the bin homes and the homes that are supposed to continue using blue recycling bags. Confused yet? Want more information? Visit to see what the city has posted on its website, and visit the Advocate’s BackTalk blog ( to see what our neighbors are saying about the program.



If you’ve got a blue bin question, contact Nix at 214.670.3555 or