If you want it how momma used to make it, Michelle’s is the place to get it. Opened seven months ago, the restaurant is named after owner Michael Kanu’s 11-year-old daughter because, he says, “I love her.” Kanu also loves that feeling of comfort sitting down to a home-cooked meal can create.


“I want a place where people will feel more at home,” he says.


So he enlisted the help Terrance Greely, who says he learned how to cook from — you guessed it — his mom.


“I watched her roll that rolling pin for years — she’s a great cook,” he says.


As the cook and manager, Greely makes up the restaurants menu, which includes home-style goodies such as smothered pork chops, cornbread stuffing and peach cobbler. And he says most of the things he makes are dishes his mother used to prepare.


Michelle’s serves up the menu cafeteria-style, and plates run $5.49 for the lunch special (one meat and two veggies), $7.99 for the regular plate (one meat and three veggies), and $9.99 for the two-meat special (with three veggies). All of the plates are served with bread and a side of comfort.


“It’s a place to bring in the whole family,” Kanu says. Or, you can bring it home to the family: Michelle’s offers a delivery service and a drive-through window.