Last fall, Andrew Ormsby opened his new restaurant, Tucker, in the old Tucker automobile showroom on

Ross Avenue

near downtown. “Tucker” is slang for food in . Ormsby moved to Dallas nearly six years ago with wife, Joanne, from Melbourne, .  


          What a nice little story for marketing purposes. Only Tucker doesn’t really need it.


          For starters, Ormsby is owner of Andrew Ormsby Catering, one of the city’s premiere caterers, and brings 25-plus years of experience.      


          Add to that the atmosphere: Much of the restaurant’s décor is salvaged architectural treasures, from the bar — originally housed in the old Baker Hotel downtown — to the fireplace, which came from a mansion that once stood at Abrams and Mercedes.


          Finally, there’s the food. At Tucker, the emphasis is on comfort, but often comfort with a twist. Case in point? You can order a strudel starter, and you’ll get a wild mushroom jalapeno strudel served with pesto and field greens.


          There’s also plenty of variety on the menu, with everything from a Thai-style chicken and coconut soup, to pot pie — chicken, seafood or kangaroo, depending on the day — to herb-roasted Alaskan halibut served with jasmine rice and a madras curry sauce