Editor’s Note: The owners of PT’s Gentlemen’s Club, which is being forced to close its Northwest Highway-West Lawther Drive location, have been making plans to open a new location at 10601 Plano Road, next to Sunbelt Pools (Miller and Plano). The Advocate asked neighborhood Councilman Bill Blaydes to update us on efforts being undertaken by a number of neighborhood groups to fight the proposed club.

There are many ways to become involved in the question of Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs) in District 10. I have been involved in fighting them for seven years across Dallas and greatly appreciate the efforts that have been put forth to help fight them so far in our neighborhood.

Fighting a business of this sort is not an easy or inexpensive proposition, but every effort will help support our family way of life in District 10. The leadership of Rob Morgan and Teresa Cook has been tremendous.

By the time you read this, petitions and letters or expressions for denial of the private club and their liquor license will be on file with the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) in Austin. Two protest pickets will have occurred at the proposed site. Plans for a presentation before the TABC will be well underway, and every elected official having anything to do with District 10 will be on file asking for denial of the club’s request with the TABC.

One further action that can be taken by everyone in District 10 is to once again put pressure on our federal and state elected officials to take another look at the laws we work under that require a zoning code that allows this use by right in our city. Another possibility is to contact every property owner in the industrial area where this particular SOB is proposed to deed restrict against this use on their property.

However, be aware that we may encounter reluctance; this restriction would lessen the property owners’ value by taking away a use that is, by right, without the restriction. The third thing we can do – should we fail in keeping the business out of our neighborhood – is be vigilant, and report every action we witness around the facility that could be used against a continuance of its license.

The community of District 10 does not need or want this element anywhere in our midst. We have witnessed the decay this type of business can bring to an area. Any ideas not listed here would be greatly appreciated. Please send them to me at bblayde@cid.dallas.tx.us, along with any questions you may have about this issue or others related to District 10.