With the continued drain of Robin Hood, school districts are creating alternative funding sources not subject to recapture. For this reason, we have created the RISD Tomorrow Fund to promote enrichment, innovation and excellence in education throughout the district.


RISD Tomorrow administers several distinct funds, each specifically designed to make a difference in academic pursuits.


The Business, Technology & Math/Science Fund sustains the College and Career Fair, Destination Imagination, Enterprise City, Invention Convention, the Science Fair and the Planetarium. Innovation Grants are awarded to students for projects that foster creativity, experimentation, in-depth research and educational enthusiasm among other students and teachers. Contributions also will be used to support Alternative Learning Laboratories and to sustain and expand Advance Placement and Pre-Advanced Placement courses in math, science, technology and computer science.


The Excellence in Education Fund supports individual campus programs, activities and needs.  Contributions will enhance existing programs and fund new opportunities to ensure excellence in education throughout RISD.


The Family & Community Fund will encourage families and communities to work together on creative and innovative projects. A Parent Education Program provides an early partnership between families and the school and promotes the central role of parents in their child’s development. The fund also supports GED/ESL programs, mentoring/volunteer programs at all educational levels and endowed coordinator/teaching positions.


The Fine Arts & Humanities Fund sustains and expands Advanced Placement and Pre-Advanced Placement courses in English, history, government, art, foreign languages, elementary reading and language arts, and alternate learning laboratories. 


The Performing Arts & Athletic Fund supports theatre, dance, choral, band, orchestra and competitive athletic programs for boys and girls, along with equipment and facilities enhancements throughout the district. Groups may apply for transportation, equipment, uniform, costume and instrument needs to support student participation in these events.


The Staff Stars Fund rewards teachers who have demonstrated creativity, innovation and improved student performance with Tomorrow’s Stars Awards. Monetary incentives, professional development and sabbaticals will support the E3 Program (Ensuring Excellent Educators) to attract and retain the highest quality educators in RISD.


The Tomorrow’s Scholars Fund supports the Texas Scholars Program, providing community incentives and strategies to motivate all RISD students to complete the state’s Recommended High School Program. It also supports scholarships for RISD students and continuing education and professional development scholarships for teachers, teacher’s aides and para-professionals.


If you would like to contribute or desire more information about the RISD Tomorrow Fund, please contact its executive director, John Williams, at 469-593-0313.


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