How can you turn your original art purchase into playground equipment? By attending the annual White Rock Preschool PTA’s Winter Art Fair on Dec. 7, where numerous artists will display their crafts to benefit White Rock schools’ playgrounds and reading programs.



In addition to the many familiar neighborhood artists who join together each year to participate in the art fair, coordinator Mary Preussel says this year’s event will feature more regional artists whose work is less often displayed in the area.



“Our focus has always been on finding artists known for their unique bodies of work for our friends and neighbors — and I think we did an incredible job this year,” says Preussel.



This year’s participants will display paintings, iron furniture, hand-blown glass goblets, original children’s hats and unique jewelry designs, to name a few. There will be something for everyone, Preussel adds.



Art Fair organizers have added another twist to this year’s fund-raiser by enlisting the help of several school and government leaders. Preussel wants to encourage the entire community to support local schools, so she has asked community leaders to provide an example.



“To emphasize the importance of volunteering, we are inviting to following to volunteer at the art fair: Dr. Mike Moses, DISD superintendent; Ron Kirk, candidate for U.S. Senate; Laura Miller, Dallas mayor; and Lois Parrott, school board trustee.”



Preussel says, “This is not your grandmother’s craft fair … we have some high-caliber art here.”



          The Winter Art Fair takes place at Sanger Elementary School , 10 a.m.-6 p.m. For more information, call Mary Preussel, 214-320-3434. Refreshments will be provided by local specialty stores.