First, way to go Dr. Bob and the staff at LHHS. It is great seeing the blue ribbon on the school! Second, congratulations to the Lake Highlands Exchange Club and the Dallas Park and Recreation Department on a great July 4th parade. I have no doubt that all records for attendance were shattered, and it looks like everyone had a great time. I absolutely believe this is the greatest community in the Metroplex, and July 4th just goes to prove that point.

On Aug. 1, your city council goes back to work after being on break for July. Our Charter Review Commission is hard at work and should be scheduling a town hall meeting for District 10 sometime in August or possibly September. It is extremely important that you attend this town hall and voice your opinion regarding what form of city government you want in Dallas.

We currently have a council-manager form of municipal government. The commission is looking at whether we should consider a strong mayor form of government, leave it as is or something in between. The group will also consider term limits. Council members have a two-year term now with a maximum of four terms. The mayor has a four-year term with a two-term maximum.

Also on the table for discussion is council pay. Is it enough? I have my own opinions on these issues, but the commission wants to hear from you and will forward its findings to the council for consideration. The council will then decide whether to call a charter amendment election and, if so, what will be on the ballot.

Your voice at these meetings will form these decisions. If you do not receive a town hall card notice, please call my office, 214-670-4068, and give us your address so you can be notified.

Meanwhile, the council will be wrestling with the budget. Town hall meetings have also been scheduled to receive input on that issue. A District 10 meeting will be held Tuesday, Aug. 20, at the LHHS student center at 7 p.m. A second joint meeting between myself and council member Lois Finkelman will be held at the Forest Lane Academy on Tuesday, Aug. 27, at 7 p.m. Town hall cards will be sent for these meetings also, so please make sure we have your mailing address.

Somewhere in this process we will also be considering a bond issue with a January or possibly a May election date. The amount of this bond issue is still being considered, but this council member is supporting a small, affordable one. I believe we have several tough budget years ahead of us, with pressure for a tax increase to solve the problem. A large bond issue just adds to that problem.

And, in case you don’t think showing up at the budget town hall is important, we will also be having a property tax rate increase. Do you want to comment on how big it should be?