Trustees have been working for three years developing our 2020 Vision for RISD’s future. This was a challenging task, and there were times we despaired of ever finishing. As simple as the following statements sound, every single word is carefully chosen.

Our 2020 Vision Statement is: To provide each student an education in an academically excellent and individually responsive learning community.

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We Believe That:

  • All children must be challenged.
  • High expectations result in high performance.
  • A supportive and secure environment is essential to learning.
  • Continuous improvement yields excellence.
  • The spirit of community is central to RISD.
  • Diversity strengthens RISD.
  • Trust and respect form the cornerstone of the RISD culture.
  • Public education is vital to a democratic society.

We have re-crafted our district goals into six statements that clarify our corporate challenge. Each goal is supported by specific data, and the Trustees review results each September. In addition, we use this data to conduct the superintendent’s performance review. Dr. Bukhair then evaluates all staff and principals using the same measures.

Our Districts Goals are:

  • We will expect all of our students to achieve academically excellent results.
  • We will develop individual and civic responsibility.
  • We will ensure a safe learning environment.
  • We will recruit, develop and recognize a highly qualified staff.
  • We will have a high degree of school and community satisfaction.
  • We will demonstrate fiscal responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness in all operations.

If you would like to know more about the specific measurement indicators that support these goals and our progress in achieving them, please contact Dr. Lori Nebelsick-Gullett at 469-593-7459.

In addition, RISD has committed to becoming a Recognized school district in this school year and in 2004 plans to apply for the Texas Quality Award, education’s version of the Malcolm Baldridge award.

Just For Kids announced that eight RISD schools qualified for 1999-2000 Academic Excellence Awards, given to Texas schools demonstrating high levels of student achievement over a three-year period when compared to other schools with equal or harder-to-educate students. Congratulations to three Lake Highlands area schools:

  • Forest Meadow Junior High for Algebra
  • Lake Highlands Junior High for Social Studies
  • White Rock Elementary for Reading and Math

RISD SAT scores continue to rise. Our students averaged 1080, with 87 percent taking the test, compared to 1020 for Texas students and 992 nationally. The 2001 graduating class earned $18,284,846 in scholarships, and 60 percent took college-level Advanced Placement courses.

We believe focus and commitment is mandatory for our children’s education.