Ah, the month of February! The month when one’s mind turns to…the realization that you are still paying for Christmas; that football is finished (and for the Cowboys, it’s already finished for next year, too); that, at some point in ancient history, Mardi Gras actually had something to do with a religious holiday; that we used to honor the birthdays of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln – but now they’ve all been rolled into a generic holiday.

And, it’s also the month when one’s heart turns to romantic evenings under the moonlight, a shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret, dancing on a balcony overlooking the ocean with that special lady.

But hey, fellas, don’t forget about your wives! Maybe a new piece of furniture, a favorite appliance, even going out to the mall would be a nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Many of you probably remember when Lake Highlands promoted itself with the catchy slogan – “Lake Highlands Is For Lovers.” There were more babies born per capita in Lake Highlands from 1955 to 1975 than in any other community in the United States. I don’t know who Capita was, but she was one busy lady!

Of course, we Lake Highlanders know that the tradition and reputation live on even today. Oh, we’re not having babies all the time (we would if CiCi’s Pizza had a larger restaurant). But not a day goes by that someone isn’t strolling down the lane or driving down the street in our neighborhood singing a love song to or about someone.

In fact, in honor of our great tradition as loving and lovable people, the Advocate has compiled the following romantic ballads sung by leading Lake Highlanders on one special CD that is sure to become a classic. Just look at what you get:

“Joan, You’re My Walne and Only” – Al and the Pussycats

“Cupid Caught the Constable” – Rappin’ Pappas

“Not a Dry Wall in the House” – Little Stevie Baker

“You’re Sweeter Than a Sundae Every Day of the Week” – Billy Bob Braum

“You Make This House a Home (Plus Closing Costs)” – Missy and the Mortgagettes

“Call Me Your Sweet Temptation” – Rock Cake

Order your copy of Smoochie Songs from Lake Highlands instead of refilling your prescription for Viagra or visiting Dr. Facelift. Operators are standing by (the Advocate office is short on chairs). Call 1-800-SMOOCHIE today. Be one of the first 2,000 callers, and you’ll also get RISD member Luke Davis singing his classic “It’s Only Academic Why I Love You Like I Do.”

Once you hear it, you’ll want to give everybody you meet a big smoochie (so don’t listen to this song before you go to the in-laws or Petsmart).