Before making my New Year’s resolutions, I sat down to list some of the things I’m thankful for as the representative for most of Lake Highlands on the Dallas City Council.

First, my wife and family. Without their full support, I would not have been able to spend the number of hours I have the past five years serving this community as it deserved. But my wife, Joan, loves Lake Highlands as much as I do and gives in so many ways to our community. And my two children have learned to be givers and not takers. I am blessed.

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For a community that has good schools. My own children are a testimony to being prepared for college by great faculty and the RISD administration. The teachers who they were graced with from kindergarten to graduation not only gave them knowledge but loved them. I am thankful for people such as our high school principal, Dr. Iden, a LH graduate who came back.

For so many people in our community who step up and make a difference. I cannot list them all because I am limited to 425 words for this article. But I will mention a few at the risk of leaving out many:

Lori Burns, a parent at Northlake Elementary, who has made a big difference in that school with her leadership and hard work.

Jerry McDonald, the chief over our Northeast Police Substation, who has wanted to serve in that capacity for years and is making a difference in our community with his leadership.

Jerry Gayden and all the coaches of all the sports of Lake Highlands for giving us high expectations from their programs.

Don Wilson, a Lake Highlands resident, who has stepped up to lead our area’s Dallas Northeast Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Williams, the crossing guard at Wallace Elementary, who not only escorts the kids across the street but is apparently a mentor and friend for many of these kids.

Jo Bagett, Steve Baker, Deborah Brown, Virgil St. Clair, Bill Blaydes, Allison Poggi, Ed Barger, Estelle Adams, Mazie Jamison, Mike Oglesby, Ray Hill, Carla Lowery, Martha Horan, Carla Wilson, Alex Gonzalez, Jack Gale and Charles Smith for their service on City of Dallas boards and commissions serving the city and District 10. They spend countless hours serving for free making sure that we are represented in all areas of the city.

All the homeowners association presidents and crime watch volunteers who look after the details of our neighborhoods and give us a better quality of life.

Now for the New Year’s resolution. I ask all of us who are Lake Highlands residents to think of something each of us can do this year to make Lake Highlands better. We are blessed with a community others would love to have. We have a responsibility to keep it and make it better.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you, and I wish all of you a prosperous new year.