Giving directions to the new spot around the corner has been confusing. Neighborhood fans of coastal Mexican cuisine have been urging friends to meet them at La Calle Docé, which translates into “12th Street” — the original site of the restaurant. But this branch of the Oak Cliff favorite is located a little closer to home — at 1925 Skillman.


For almost 20 years, the Sanchez family has ruled the stronghold of what most of us call “Mexican seafood.” One of the first restaurants in the area to offer dishes like ceviché , La Calle Docé still boasts the widest range of this type of cuisine as well as traditional Tex-Mex and dishes such as the popular Mexican stew guiso. Listed in the Zagat survey as “one of 50 best restaurants in Dallas,” regular diners argue over what’s best — the paella, the grilled fish, the flan?


Crowds at the new location testify to the staying power of the eatery. “The neighborhood sold us on opening in this location,” says manager Jesse Sanchez. “And the response has been great. The people in Lakewood are fantastic.


We want this to have the same kind of feel as the Oak Cliff location. We want you to get a real good feeling when you walk in.”