Vickery Towers is an historical landmark for East Dallas natives. The facility is the Metroplex’s second largest retirement and assisted living community and was the original site of Hockaday High School. You may have passed the building a hundred times while cruising down Greenville, but the next time you drive by you’ll want to take a second look.

Things are changing at Vickery Towers, thanks to its new community director, Tony Walker.

Walker is a Casa Linda native, Bryan Adams High School graduate, and current neighborhood resident who has plenty of ideas about the future of Vickery Towers.

“I grew up in this neighborhood,” he says, “and for years had to watch my friends leave the area when they needed retirement or assisted living.”

Walker took over as community director in December and is focusing his energies to create an environment for residents that emphasizes the “living” in “assisted living.”

“I’m committed to expanding our community outreach efforts. These meetings help our residents stay connected and create a sense of energy for the entire neighborhood,” he says.

To this end, Vickery Towers recently has hosted meetings for the Lower Greenville Avenue Neighborhood Association, the Vickery Place Neighborhood Association and the Greater Lakewood Shepherd Center. Walker feels strongly that redefining Vickery Towers as a community center will be beneficial to both the residents and the surrounding community.

“Many of our residents were extremely active members of the East Dallas community and are both willing and able to continue to serve the community in various ways,” Walker says.

The facility itself is an uptapped resource. Vickery Towers offers a huge formal dining room for no charge to community groups. Catering is available for a nominal fee, Walker says.

“Involving our residents with the neighborhood, as well as the neighborhood with our residents and facilities, makes Vickery Towers an exciting center for living and a focal point for community activities,” Walker says.

For information about Vickery Towers, call 214-826-1113.