Bruce and Claire Marlin dreamed of a pool in their backyard for years.


“But, when we moved to Lake Highlands [9337 Moss Circle], our son, Drew, was only three months old,”  Claire explains. Now, with the Marlin’s three sons, Sean, Eric, and Drew, ages 14, 10, and 8, respectively, the family is enjoying the endless days of summer in the backyard pool and hot tub.


“The boys are swimmers, and they love the pool," Claire says. "We’re having a really good time. Although we went swimming for the first time on Labor Day last year, this is our first summer with the pool.”


And this is no ordinary pool. Equipped with powerful swim jets, a broad, deep, adjustable current — is suitable to every swimming ability and fitness need — allows a person to swim or exercise in place. This recent innovation in the pool industry is being touted as the next best thing to Speedo’s.


Claire and Bruce perused magazines and landscaping books for 15 years searching for landscaping and design ideas. They both contributed to the overall plan, says Claire, but Bruce also played a role in engineering the three overflows, or weeping walls, that add the element of a “babbling brook” to the enjoyment of the space.


The couple first took their plan to North Haven Gardens. "There, it went through three revisions,” Claire explains, "but eventually we got exactly what we wanted. Sharon Fuller, the landscape architect, was great."


She also speaks highly of Oceanside Pools and credits Mike Murphy with the slate-type patio surface (pattern concrete) that actually fit their budget.


“Debbie Orthermil, of North Dallas Garden Design, put in some unusual, low-maintenance plants and shrubs,” adds Claire. “It’s been fun watching things come up this year. We had different colored daffodils blooming from February through April.”


The home’s original postage stamp-sized backyard was transformed into an "extra room," says Claire. Although the patio features a glass patio table that can seat six, and many a breakfast, lunch, or dinner is enjoyed around it, most of the time, you’ll find the Marlin’s frolicking in the pool.


 And Bruce? He’ll be swimming the English Channel.