During recent months, citizens have expressed concern with the running of red lights by drivers across the City. Beginning last April, the Dallas Police Department signficantly increased its enforcement efforts at target intersections in response to this problem.


During the months of April through September this year, 5,724 red light citations were issued, which is a 32 percent increase over the number of tickets issued during the same period of 1996.


This program has proven to be an effective deterrent as measured by the top ten accident intersections from 1996 to 1997.


In 1996, the intersections were, in order: Stemmons/Northwest Highway; Cedar Springs Road/Wycliff Avenue; Northwest Highway/Walton Walker Boulevard; Harry Hines Boulevard/Northwest Highway; Buckner Boulevard and Northwest Highway; Harry Hines Boulevard/Northwest Highway; Community Drive/Northwest Highway; LBJ Freeway/Coit Road; Walnut Hill Lane/Central Expressway; Southwestern Boulevard/Central Expressway.


In 1997, with the exception of Stemmons/Northwest Highway, the above intersections were eliminated from the most dangerous list. This change can be attributed to increased enforcement at targeted locations, changes in traffic patterns and construction in the area.


Another safety issue to be aware of is the increase in robberies that occurs during the holiday season. The police department is working aggresively to reduce robberies and all criminal offenses in the city. Our police officers have made a number of arrests of multiple-offense violators this year. The department is also addressing the issue through public edcuation by distributing brochures to small business through its community policing officers.


Listed below are some of the suggestions contained the brochure. I hope everyone will read these suggestions carefully.


What to do if you are robbed: Remain calm. Do not resist. Reassure the robber that you will cooperate. Warn the robbers of any moves you are about to make.


Follow the robber’s request, but don’t volunteer more than he asks for. Activate any alarm systems.


Observe the robber’s physical features and any characteristics that may be useful in identifying him, including: height, weight, complexion, color of eyes and hair, body size, clothing, age, race, speech pecularities or accents and noticeable marks, scars, deformities, etc.


Call the police at 9-1-1. Protect all evidence the robber leaves and all the surfaces he touches; watch to see what he touches. Observe the direction he escapes and his method of travel. Obtain the names and addresses of any witnesses who may leave before police officers arrive.


Please! Say alert and stay safe during the holidays, and always. Have a happy, safe and healthy holiday season.