Ever wonder where the Fletcher Corny Dog was invented?


Neil and Minnie Fletcher, along with Toby and Jeanie Gun, owned and operated the Madcap Players.


The first show was located on East Grand and finally moved to Haskell Avenue. Folks would come from all over East Dallas to sit on wooden benches in a big tent, heated by a gas stove in the winter and “cooled” by rolling up the flaps of the tent in the summer. In the late ’30s and early ’40s, it was great entertainment to attend one of the three-act comedies.


But after World War II, people wanted to be entertained in an air-conditioned building and the tent folded. It was then that Neil Fletcher, living on the corner of McMillan and Goodwin Streets, hit upon a new treat for the public.


When Neil found some meal and wiener in the small kitchen in his home, he placed the wiener in the meal and fried it.


And to this day, not only Dallasites but people coming from all over Texas enjoy the Fletcher Corny Dog.