Donna Page’s interest in architectural art began when she was growing up in Dallas. Her father, Jack Kyle, was an architect who designed several Lake Highlands homes in the 1960s – including his daughter’s, which will be featured this month in the Lake Highlands Home Tour sponsored by the Women’s League.


Page, who earned a degree in commercial art, has done free-lance work in architectural illustration for 11 years. Past clients include Carter Burgess, J.H.M. designs and Dikita Engineering.


Architectural illustration has taught Page “a great deal about light and its effects,” lessons she is putting to good use in the pastel paintings she is now creating.


“One is kind of like a bee-eye’s perspective of a flower,” Page says. “Big florals is what they are.


“It’s like they’re magnified.”


Page put this side of her work on display in a show last year at the Bonny Fine Art Gallery. It’s a side she will continue to focus on through work in her home studio.


“Any artist would prefer doing her own work rather than work for hire,” she says.