Neighborhood resident Katie Dickinson arrived at the non-profit Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas in 1978 to complete her field placement for a masterÕs in social work. Something clicked, and she never left.


Dickinson, now associate executive director, recently marked 20 years with the organization. Dickinson has many fond memories of her work with there, including the first time a senior citizen volunteer went to work at ChildrenÕs Medical Center as part of the Foster Grandparents program. More than any one defining moment is many smaller ones marked by long-time associations.


ÒA lot of whatÕs kept me going on are the small moments with people I have become close to,Ó Dickinson says. ÒItÕs the different people I have met who have been special to me.Ó


As the Baby Boom turns into an Elder Boom, Dickinson expects to see more consideration given to issues affecting senior citizens. She hopes a few stereotypes are shattered along the way. Now, people too often dismiss a healthy, active senior citizen as an ÒexceptionÓ to their negative perception, Dickinson says.


ÒThe Baby Boomers have never been quiet about anything,Ó she says, laughing. ÒI donÕt expecting aging will be any different.Ó


Looking to the future, Dickinson is excited about the success and expansion of the organizationÕs Elder Care and Senior Employment Source programs. She expects to see many more projects through Ð possibly for another 20 years.


ÒIÕm not going anywhere yet,Ó she says. ÒIÕll be with Senior Citizens for quite a bit longer.Ó