Carolyn Alvey sounds like a typical initiate into the world’s most challenging profession: There’s too little time and too much guilt so that nothing receives the attention it merits.

“I’m struggling,” admits the new mother and Lake Highlands resident.

What makes Alvey different from other moms is that she isn’t confiding in a friend or a therapist. Her audience is the listeners of Parent Talk, and her openness is one of the show’s hallmarks.

On Sundays from 10:00 a.m.-noon on Talk 1190 AM, Alvey and co-host Heidi Frankel blend personal experiences, product reviews and interviews to address issues of interest to parents of children under 18.

“We’re not media celebrities but local hometown moms,” Alvey says. “Moms have incredible ideas, but they don’t have a venue to share them except in a circle of friends.”

Alvey’s goal is to expand that circle to include as diverse a group of parents as possible.

“It doesn’t matter who you are,” she says. “As parents, you go through the exact same things.”

Parent Talk grew out of a conversation between Alvey and Frankel about their aspirations. Both were interested in having a radio show, and when they realized the Metroplex airwaves lacked a parenting program, they put together a proposal and sold the idea.

The show began airing in October and now the pair aspires to make Parent Talk the first nationally syndicated program of its kind.

That can-do attitude characterizes Alvey’s approach personally and professionally. She ran a marathon benefiting the Leukemia Society because she wanted to see Alaska, compensating for inexperience with determination and training six hours a day.

And when working with the society proved to be a positive experience, she and her husband, David, launched a fund-raiser of their own. The Aardvark Studios Celebrity Garage Sale raised almost $10,000 for the Leukemia Society last year, mostly in increments of a few dollars each, by selling items donated by Tony Dorsett, David Letterman and others.

Alvey credits a strong faith for her ability to dream big and make things happen. She is also an inveterate planner.

Planning is underway to produce more topically oriented shows. And, of course, the pair hopes to be broadcast across the country by next summer.

“You can do anything you want; just go do it,” Alvey says.