Karen RikeÕs love of art has taken shape through K. Rike Gallery.


The gallery includes fine arts and crafts such as hand-blown glass, pottery, sculpture, photography and jewelry from artists living in America or Canada.


Rike, a stay-at-home mom for 17 years, says she started the gallery in 1995 Òbecause of a passion for arts and crafts that I knew I could share with the public. I wanted to educate the public on the value of fine crafts and aspiring artists.Ó


The Lake Highlands resident chose an Uptown location because Òthis is the gallery district of Dallas and I felt that chances of success would be easier for my first gallery.Ó


The location certainly hasnÕt hurt. Among other recognition the gallery has been named by ÒHome,Ó a national magazine, as one of five stores to shop at while in Dallas.


ÒIt truly went so smooth that it was kind of scary,Ó Rike says of opening the gallery. A loving family has supported her in this new venture.


ÒI am married to one of the most understanding and giving men around and I have two precious daughters.Ó