Karen Rike’s love of art has taken shape through K. Rike Gallery.

The gallery includes fine arts and crafts such as hand-blown glass, pottery, sculpture, photography and jewelry from artists living in America or Canada.

 Rike, a stay-at-home mom for 17 years, says she started the gallery in 1995 “because of a passion for arts and crafts that I knew I could share with the public. I wanted to educate the public on the value of fine crafts and aspiring artists.”

The Lake Highlands resident chose an Uptown location because “this is the gallery district of Dallas and I felt that chances of success would be easier for my first gallery.”

The location certainly hasn’t hurt. Among other recognition the gallery has been named by “Home,” a national magazine, as one of five stores to shop at while in Dallas.

“It truly went so smooth that it was kind of scary,” Rike says of opening the gallery. A loving family has supported her in this new venture.

“I am married to one of the most understanding and giving men around and I have two precious daughters.”

Q: Someday, I am determined to:

A: Enjoy the success of my gallery and take care of other responsibilities I have

Q: My favorite quote is:

A: “Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.” (actress Billie Burke)

Q: If I could change one thing about myself, I would:

A: Be more disciplined

Q: My greatest asset is:

A: Making others feel comfortable in what might be an intimidating situation or place

Q: I’ve never understood why everyone is so crazy about:

A: Football

Q: The last book I read was:

A: “A Year in Provence”

Q: My definition of “success” is:

A: The achievement of your passion without causing stress or strain in your life or yourself

Q: I never have enough time to:

A: Spend with my close friends

Q: My perfect day alone would include:

A: Spending time at my jewelers bench working on a piece of jewelry or other metal work

Q: The hardest part of running a business is:

A: Finding the time to take care of all the needs of the business and still take care of the other day to day chores

Q: The best advice I ever received was:

A: Always give 100 percent, be patient, and don’t fret over that which you have no control

Q: People I admire are:

A: My husband, Norman Brinker, and Carolyn Hunt

Q: I love what I do because:

A: I’m allowed to make a living at meeting some of the most talented and creative people; serve some of the most charming and interesting people, and I have the privilege of spending my day around the most wonderful pieces of art

Q: Life is too short to:

A: Not try to realize your dreams

Q: My advice to anyone trying to start a business is:

A: Be sure you are passionate about the business and take baby steps

Q: By the end of the year, I hope to have:

A: All my debts cleared and my life organized

Q: I’m not afraid to:

A: Be a little different

Q: I don’t believe in:

A: Idealizing other people

Q: I always procrastinate about:

A: Details