Lake Highlands resident Scott Brown received his first period Fortune 500 magazine cover as a gift. That cover inspired Brown to collect 50 more.


Says the LHHS graduate of a favorite cover: ÒThe clouds are blue and they have a personÕs face in the cloud. All very Art Deco looking.Ó


ÒThe colors are incredible on it.Ó


These covers are different from the Fortune 500 covers we know today. During the early 1930s to mid 1940s, the magazine commissioned artists to create the art for the then-oversized covers. Little or no writing was used on the covers, which were often done in an Art Deco or Impressionistic style.


The covers cost between $5-$40. Brown uses flea markets, antique stores and the Internet as sources.



Writer Donna Smithson is a neighborhood Realtor. If you have an unusual or unique collection (or know someone in our neighborhood who does) tell her about it by calling 972-733-5653.