Longtime portraiture artist Cynthia Zinselmeyer is wielding her brush on a different type of canvas these days as she brings a fine art persective to ceramic pieces.

This new pursuit was ignited when she was introduced to the ceramic pieces done by a guest artist at White Rock Elementary, where she was an art teacher for two years. She also was inspired by the paintings on ceramic pieces she enjoyed while traveling in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

There’s so much I’d like to do, Zinselmeyer says. I’m still interested in oils, and in exploring other mediums.

I’m trying to move into fine art with sculptural pieces.

Zinselmeyer was intrigued with art at an early age, and eventually earned a B.F.A. with an emphasis in illustration from the University of Mississippi. She taught classes at El Centro Community College and White Rock Elementary, and now leads private art lessons for adults and children in the University Park area.

Her teaching schedule leaves her the long periods of free time she finds necessary for her work.

When I’m painting, my entire focus is on that, she says. I kind of pour my soul into my canvas.