As we approach spring, we have something besides May flowers to be concerned about. On May 2, we will go to the polls to decide on a bond proposal for the City that includes a group of “nuts and bolts” items adding up to $223 million.

A second proposal addresses $246 million in Trinity River improvements. This is a grand total of $469 million in projects, and this is before the Council looks to see if any “can’t do without” projects got left off.

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By the time this issue of the Advocate is printed, those extras will have been decided, and I feel certain that the “nuts and bolts” proposal will increase. It doesn’t seem possible with this size bond proposal that anything could be left out, but the list comes from a need inventory of more than $3.2 billion worth of items that City staff have identified.

In general, the $223 million breaks down in five broad categories: street improvement program, $140 million; park and recreation, $45.5 million; public service facilities, $15.8 million; flood protection and storm drainage, $12.5 million; and cultural facilities, $9.5 million. This portion of the program would be funded over a 3-year period.

Distict 10 has $10.6 million in proposed projects, almost all of which I heard a great deal of support for at our town hall meeting for input regarding the bond proposal. Some of our local projects include $700,000 for Audelia branch library improvements, $3.25 million for a replacement of fire station No. 39 on Shiloh Road, $1.38 million for park improvements at Flag Pole Hill, Audelia Park and numerous playground replacements.

Also included in our district are $3.5 million in street improvements, including Barnes Bridge Road, and 41 streets to be resurfaced.

The Trinity River bond program also has five major categories. They are: the Dallas floodway extension, $24.7 million; Chain of Lakes, $31.5 million; Elm Fork levee, $30 million; transportation improvements, $118 million; and the Great Trinity Forest, $41.8 million.

These projects will be funded over a 10-year period. The most important thing to note as it relates to the Trinity proposal is that it is estimated that our $246 million will leverage more than $1 billion in federal and state funds.

We expect to hold a town hall meeting sometime in March or April. If you are not in our mailing list, please call 214-670-4068 and ask Patricia Anderson to put you on our mailing list today.