You may have heard about the new underage alcohol consumption laws passed by this year’s State Legislative session. In case you’re wondering where the enforcement is, it’s just around the corner.

I’ve asked Dallas Police Chief Ben Click to establish an enforcement program and to use Lake Highlands as a starting point.

The Police Department is undergoing training about this new law. In early November, the City will launch a public-awareness campaign so no one is caught off-guard. Part of this campaign will be a Lake Highlands High School PTA meeting at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 13, focused on alcohol and drug awareness education for parents. Chief Click and I will be there to discuss the alcohol law.

Please be aware that a police officer who detects alcohol on a minor’s breath (no mechanical breath test necessary) will cite the minor.

A hearing will result in the loss of the minor’s driver’s license for the first offense and, if he or she is under 17, the parent will be ordered to attend a mandatory alcohol-awareness course with the child.

No more parties where the police show up and tell everyone to go home. If they believe drinking is going on, they are going to write all attendees up.

No more drive-bys at the warehouses to scatter the group. The police will write up violators of the drinking law. This is important! Mark Nov. 13 on your calendar now.