Five years ago, neighborhood resident Don Mason decided to dust off his son’s neglected bicycle and put it to use. For inspiration and motivation, Mason joined the Greater Dallas Bicyclists Club and joined the club’s bike rides.

“When I first started riding, one time around White Rock Lake was an accomplishment,” Mason says. “Now my favorite-length ride is 50 or 60 miles.”

Not only does the club motivate members to ride bikes regularly, but it stresses good riding habits, Mason says.

“There are only two kinds of cyclists: Those who have had a fall, and those who will eventually fall,” Mason says.

The club holds monthly meetings in East Dallas with topics involving various aspects of biking. One recent meeting featured a fashion show highlighting biking outfits.

The 500-member club, which includes many neighborhood residents, also sponsors several bike rides of varying degrees of difficulty and distance each week. Some of the rides incorporate shopping, lunch or stops at historical points of interest.

Neighborhood residents Moira and Richard Cumming have been club members for the past 12 years and say they joined the club for the fellowship and safety of riding with a group.

“I believe strongly in riding with a group because lots of things can go wrong,” Richard says. “A single rider is a calamity waiting to happen. With a group, even if an accident can’t be prevented, at least someone can go for help.”

For information, call 214-946-2453.