Dallas Police Officer Steven Huff says he enjoys his job. Considering his accomplishments, Huff is probably telling the truth.

Sr. Cpl. Huff, a patrol officer for the City’s Northeast Division, has been in law enforcement for 24 years, and he says he has no plans to retire soon.

“I just enjoy my job and helping people,” Huff says.

Huff worked 21 years on the Dallas Police Department’s Tactical Division Swat Team before transferring to the Northeast Division, two years ago.

Huff patrols the Lovers Lane and Greenville Avenue area from 3-11 p.m. and says most of the calls he answers are domestic disputes. He says domestic calls have increased because people are more apt to report family violence today.

Support from neighborhood residents and his supervisors makes his job a lot easier, Huff says.

Huff was selected “Cops’ Cop of the Month” last year by his peers, which qualified him to compete against 12 nominees for the 1995 Dallas Police Association’s Cops’ Cop Officer of the Year award.

“We have a lot of good officers and supervisors to work with at the Northeast Division, and we all work good together,” Huff says.

“Most of the citizens support the police, too, which helps out and makes my job a lot easier.”