Years ago, when I was an SPCA volunteer directing the Lakewood Love Run, I used to say: “I wish I could get paid to do the Love Run.”

Eventually I did, when I joined the SPCA’s staff and the run became one of my job responsibilities.

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After I got my horse and left the SPCA for another job, I decided my dream would be to work with animals again and have my horse live where I worked. Short of buying a ranch, I didn’t know how that would happen.

Well, it has. I’ve always loved Colorado – in the winter to ski or in the spring enjoying the mountains and gorgeous views. So I decided to combine the best of both worlds and began looking for a job with an animal welfare agency in Colorado.

Warren Cox, executive director of the Dallas SPCA, told me about a humane society just north of Denver that, although small, has great growth potential. In addition, part of their income is generated through boarding horses.

I flew to Denver and met the executive director of the Mile Hi Humane Society in Thornton, Colo. To make a long story short, later this month I begin my new job as public relations director for Mile Hi, and Kismet will have a home just outside my office facing the mountains.

Of course, the hardest part about following my dream will be leaving my sister Jane and all the great friends I’ve made, especially through the SPCA and White Rock Stables.

I’ve enjoyed writing this column and appreciate the nice letters I’ve received from Advocate readers.

So adios Dallas, follow your dream and happy trails.