Earth Day ’95 will be next month, and one organization is counting on us to help the environment.

The Coalition for Earth’s Environment of Dallas is a non-profit alliance of environmental groups, government agencies, individuals and corporations. Formed in 1989, the Coalition works to develop community cooperation to protect and preserve the environment.

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Our Planet Dallas was created by the Coalition as a means of celebrating Earth Day ’95 through community service. The program was developed to involve citizens in and increase awareness of environmental issues. Its main goal is to generate action and log one million volunteer hours benefiting our community’s environment by Earth Day.

While Earth Day is a great way to focus attention on the environment annually, we should tend to our environment daily. The Coalition and Our Planet work together to help us accomplish this.

The list of sponsors include Audubon Society, various City departments, Dallas Aquarium/Zoo, DART, Dallas Horticulture Center, Dallas Museum of Natural History, Dallas Nature Center, Dallas Parks Foundation, Dallas Public Schools, Dry Gulch Recycling Center, Half-Price Books, Keep Dallas Beautiful, MailBoxes, Etc./Lakewood, Rock-Tenn Recycling, Save Open Space, Sierra Club/Dallas Chapter, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-Region 6, and Whole Foods Market.

The sponsors participate in “eco-projects” that fall into three categories: beautification/enhancement, resource conservation and education. Some projects started in September 1994 and are scheduled to culminate with Earth Day ’95. However, many will continue after April. Volunteers are needed now, and there’s still time to help.

Here are a few eco-projects:

  • Dallas Nature Center – work with high school environmental clubs; contact Royce Milam, 296-1955.
  • Dallas Horticultural Center – educate school children about the environment; contact Cheryl Stanco, 428-7476.
  • Dry Gulch Recycling – explain procedures, sort plastics, fund-raising; contact JoAnne Hill, 353-9986.
  • City of Dallas Streets and Sanitation Department – distribute educational materials about recycling in April; contact Carlos Rovelo, 670-4475.
  • Audubon Society – environmental preservation; contact Maurine Lee, 361-6769
  • Save Open Space – directly preserve sensitive areas; contact Mary Vogelson, 358-1629.

Many eco-projects need volunteers, as well as sponsors. For information about volunteering, sponsoring or becoming a member of the Coalition, call Our Planet Dallas at 934-6538.