To Russia with love…Greg Holland, a senior at Lake Highlands High School, recently went to Moscow as the lighting director for the drama, “The Promise.”

It was performed at the Kremlin State Palace last month. Holland worked with the lighting director and designer of the Palace, giving cues and directions to him through an interpreter.

“The Promise” is a drama about the life of Christ and was produced by Promise Production Inc., a non-profit organization. The play had seven performances at the Palace, which seats 6,000. The seats are equipped with headphones so that audience members can listen in the language of their choice. The drama was televised to 80 million people.

The cast had about 160 members, including dancers, singers, actors and a tech crew. The play was produced by former LH resident David Humphrey. Humphrey was also the music director for First Baptist Church Downtown.

Retired LH accounting teacher Gail Williams also had a hand in the extravaganza. She lives outside of Moscow with the Christian Crusade Commission and helped with plans and arrangements.

Take a Trip to Bethlehem

Cindy Ubben Causey, ’70, called to report a neighborhood holiday celebration. The Village of Bethlehem will be re-created at the Highlands Christian Church on McCree Road Dec. 3-4 from 6-9 p.m.

The celebration will feature a nativity scene, candy-makers, weavers, potters, jewelry makers, stone cutters, fishermen, lots of food and crafts. Everything is handmade.

The event is free to the public, and all are welcome to join in the fun and festivities.

Attack of Miss Manners

If you enter Northlake Elementary School, it’s a good idea to watch your p’s and q’s, because teacher Beth Greaves has launched a campaign to encourage manners and random acts of kindness as the school.

Miss Manners, as she is known in the halls, announces every Monday the good manner of the week. Students who practice the good manner or a kind act receive recognition by having a smiley face with their name on it hung on a tree in the front hall. Each Friday, Miss Manners randomly selects several names to receive prizes.

Faculty members say the students have responded positively to the program. So remember, practice good manners around Northlake or face the wrath of Miss Manners.

From the Sidelines

Watch the Dallas Cowboy sidelines for two LH grads who are cheerleaders for the football team. Carrie Chapman, ’87, and Michelle Parma, ’92, are both two-year veterans of the squad.

Parma is a freshman at Richland College and enjoys dancing, writing poetry and acting. She is pursuing a career as a professional dancer and actress.

Chapman teaches dance at Kitty Carter’s Dance Factory, where both cheerleaders launched their dance careers.

LH Hall of Fame

Scott Livingston, ’84, who is a professional baseball player, was recently inducted into the LH Hall of Fame. Because of the baseball strike, Livingston had some free time to return to his alma mater to accept the honor in person.

His honors include All State in high school, Conference Player of the Year in 1987 for Texas A&M, first team All American in ’87 and ’88.

Livingston also played on the U.S.A. National Team that brought home the silver medal, and he is currently playing third base for the Detroit Tigers.

Reunion Update

The classes of ’75 and ’85 have reunions coming up soon. To get the scoop, call the Party People at 416-5557.