You probably have read several stories about the success of artist Christian Schumann, who has excelled professionally in New York. Christian grew up in Dallas and is the son of Lake Highlands graduates Sharon Schumann and Mark Schumann, both members of the first graduating class in 1964.

Christian attended Booker Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts before attending the San Francisco Art Institute and then moving to New York. His recent show at SoHo’s Postmaster Gallery has received many honors, awards and rave reviews from such sources as the New York Times and The Voice.

Mother Sharon was the first captain of the High Stepping Highlandettes. She danced and kicked her way into the top spot during her sophomore year and retained the position her junior and senior years.

Sharon has worked at The Dallas Morning News since 1983. Currently, she is a sales promotion coordinator. She will be getting re-married soon, but will stay in the Dallas area and continue working at the Morning News.

Mark owns an architectural firm, specializing in commercial office planning and interiors for big and small corporations all around the Metroplex. Mark’s father and Christian’s grandfather, Jack Schumann, is a longtime Lake Highlands resident as well.

More Art Talk

Another Lake Highlands grad/artist unveiled her latest work in a small gallery in Ithaca, N.Y. last month. Rebecca Russell Cowles ’68 combined a classical oil still life with an unusual presentation. She painted vibrant summer fruits onto her kitchen cabinets. She dismantled the cabinet doors and had them framed for display. The visual image was exciting, and the reception was rewarding. Cowles has been commissioned for other works.

In the Spirit of U.T.

“The Spirits” of U.T., one of the most prestigious service organizations on any university campus, recently selected new members, and Beth Utter ’93 was among those chosen for the honor.

Candidates for this elite organization are selected secretly. Only one girl from each of the U.T.’s 15 sororities, plus 20 independents, are selected for membership. Utter represents the Kappa Delta Sorority.

Utter had no idea that she was being considered for membership. The girls came to her room one morning with balloons and banners to inform her of the big news.

“The Spirits” are responsible for several community service projects, including painting the drag in Austin, which is an annual project that members look forward to, but also approach with some apprehension.

An Obvious Animal Lover

Brenda Bell Anders ’75 lives in Lake Highlands with her husband, Neil, and their three cats. They share a common interest in thoroughbred horse racing.

From nine to five, Anders has worked at E Systems for 16 years. Her current position is project administrator for government contracts.

While holding down her job, she earned her associate degree from Richland in Business Management.