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Where most — if they noticed it at all  — saw a densely thicketed stretch of land separating Lake Highlands from busy Central Expressway, Diane Cheatham saw 14 acres of

In the Woodbridge community of Lake Highlands, a single steeply pitched rooftop juts above the rest — it hovers over a stained-glass window that, in the right light, glints from

In an era where young people live on stories surrounding model-perfect teenagers marred only by boyfriend troubles and the occasional case of vampirism, fiction featuring the types of people you

THIS MONTH POUND THE PAVEMENT … … at the 3.1-mile NAMI Walk on Saturday, May 1 at 10 a.m. at Fair Park. Lake Highlands-based Dallas National Alliance on Mental Illness

It’s fair to call White Rock Coffee roaster Jonathan Meadows Dallas’ best barista because he’s the first person from our city to place high enough in the South Central Regional

The Wildcat Wranglers recently competed in the RISD Dance Off, a charity benefit for Haiti earthquake relief. Lake Highlands was the first school in the district to have a country

When Willie Nelson warned against letting your doggies (it was doggies, wasn’t it?) grow up to be Cowboys, Lake Highlands resident Jason Besterfeldt didn’t heed. Now he’s got himself a

Q:  It is nearly impossible to turn left at the stoplight on my street. How can I get a left-hand turn signal installed? A:  The best thing about this process

The couple, two successful architects, lived in a Merriman Park home — traditional, but newly remodeled to their tastes — with 4-year-old daughter Ava, a golden retriever named Foster, and


"The tortilla is just a vehicle."

“The tortilla is just a vehicle.” So says Colleen O’Hare of her culinary creations at Good 2 To Go Tacos, which sits in the back of Green Spot Market and

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In high school, I played the trumpet. Baseball was my first love, and I would have much preferred playing on a baseball team than lugging a trumpet back and forth

Believing and behaving tend to go hand in hand. Take end-of-the-world believing, for instance. Some Christians believe that signs of chaos in nature (earthquakes and floods), social disorder (loss of

As of this writing, inquiries about progress at the Town Center have produced no new information — streets being paved, trees being re-planted, only “horizontal” construction, and still no financing

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The Vickery Meadow Learning Center needs volunteers for its summer session, June 7-July 1. The center is seeking someone to teach English as a second language to adults, Monday-Thursday, 9-11