Old Lake Highlands-born Good 2 Go Tacos to close

Photo of Good 2 Go Taco on July 18, 2013. Photo by Jennifer Shertzer.

Your favorite White Rock area taco spot is breaking up with you.

Good 2 Go Taco, which began slinging gourmet tacos out of the Green Spot Market in the Old Lake Highlands area in 2009 or so and later became a player in revitalizing a center at Peavy/Garland Road, is closing.

Owners Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare told CultureMap it’s not you, it’s them:

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We don’t come to the decision lightly, but we feel like we’ve accomplished everything we wanted. When we first opened inside the Green Spot in 2009, we felt like we were blazing a trail with our chefs’ take on the humble taco, and we were so grateful that people agreed.

Good 2 Go moved from the Green Spot on Buckner to an underused shopping center on Garland at Peavy in 2010. Their presence there drew other concepts: Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House and 20 Feet Seafood. Good 2 Go also nurtured two startups, Cultivar Coffee and Tipping Cow Creamery, leasing space within the restaurant to them.

Good 2 Go’s owners also started Mot Hai Ba in Lakewood, which they sold last year.

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We know this won’t be easy, but don’t take it too hard, neighbors. There was nothing you could’ve done differently. It just wasn’t working for them anymore. And besides, there are plenty of other tacos in the scene.

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    Hey Wil – totally fair criticism. That’s an old automated system that pulls stories with similar key words. We are having the techies turn it off until we can tweak the settings so it becomes useful.

  • Chris Unruh

    Hmm, I too noticed a ‘related article’ that I clicked on which had to do with the ‘New taco contender: Enter Fuzzy’s Tacos!” which also has been closed.

  • dormand

    With the dire shortage of quality healthy family dining in Lake Highlands, it is truly a shame to see the loss of a great place just outside of LH.

    One factor in the limitations to the cash flow of this truly great place was the decision of the City of Dallas to designate two of its five parking spots as handicapped only.

    It was rare to ever see either of these being used by mobility impaired individuals as they sat vacant, while potential diners left for other restaurants as there was no legal place to park.

    RIP Good 2 Go Tacos!!!!

  • rodan55

    The new Jason’s is open at 75 and Park Lane

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    TO ALL THE EDITORS. WOULD YOU PLEASE NOT POST RELATED EVENTS POSTS AT THE END OF STORIES WHEREIN THE SO-CALLED RELATED EVENTS ARE 5 YEARS OLD. FOR EXAMPLE- why is there a post about the Liquid Zoo having a grand opening. THE PLACE HAS BEEN CLOSED FOR LONGER THAN IT WAS OPEN. Looks like laziness to me. Let’s keep those “relevant” posts to no more then say a year old please. C’mon ya’ll are better than that…….I hope.

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