Highlands Cafe now closed, will reopen as Neighbor’s Casual Kitchen

While driving on Audelia earlier today a sign on the door of Highlands Cafe caught my eye…

It appears as though the new owner of Highlands Cafe has begun the work of relaunching the restaurant to Neighbor’s Casual Kitchen.

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Earlier this year we reported that Highlands Cafe owners Kathy Stewart and Anita Siegers sold the restaurant on Jan. 31.

In April we learned that the restaurant’s new owner, Peter Touris, made plans to relaunch the restaurant as Neighbor’s Casual Kitchen. Rather than Highlands Cafe’s counter service, the new digs will boast a full service bar, a brand new menu, and sit-down service.

Fox 4 recently aired a segment  in which Touris shared his plans for the relaunch, adding that he also plans to expand the patio and feature children’s art on the walls of the restaurant.

A post by administrators of the Highlands Cafe Facebook page also indicates that Highlands Cafe is closed:

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“AND It’s official! We have our permits and will be shutting down for construction on Highlands Cafe starting Monday, June 16th. We know many are worried about Highlands Cafe losing a lot of its purpose but we want to reassure you that we’re only picking up where the original 20 left off. We want our neighborhood to thrive and are ready for the next chapter of what Lake Highlands has to offer. We hope that all will stop in for a last meal as Highlands Cafe and welcome Neighbor’s Casual Kitchen as you did for almost 10 years at Highlands.”

We’ll keep you posted when we find out more about the reopening.

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  • Betty

    I miss the deep dark chocolate moist cake that Kathy and Anita had at their Highland Cafe.

  • dormand

    Please join me in encouraging Cindy Hughes to open an extension of her outstanding Breadwinners Restaurant in LH. She is adjusting after just opening a new restaurant in Fort Worth.

    Breadwinners eggs Benedict is fantastic. McKinney and Hall is a tad far to drive for breakfast.

    We really need great sit-down dining in LH if we have any hope of attracting those elusive “creative class” innovators that are the catalysts for transforming communities.

  • Kerry Slaughter

    So excited about this! And thrilled to have full service. As a mother of three, any time we go to a counter service restaurant I end up being the waitress. With full service, I can sit down and enjoy the time with my family. Congrats to Peter and Melissa on this new venture!

  • Marci

    Bummer – I’m sure the new place will be great, but the counter service was part of its appeal for me.