Lake Highlands Town Center diary: Jan. 31, 2013

Dear Diary,

Our readers know all about the 200-unit, five-story apartment/retail complex underway at the south side of Lake Highlands Town Center, but why does it appear that two or three buildings are under construction?

town center construction
This smaller structure north of the big building is going to be the retail portion of the mixed-use project and the clubhouse, according to a Prescott representative.

I checked with the developers, Prescott Realty Group, and here is how managing director Taylor Stone explains it:

It is all one project; it just looks like separate buildings now.  The large building in the “middle” is the parking structure. The smaller building on the north is actually the retail portion of the project and the clubhouse.  This portion of the building is a part of the larger building which houses both the retail and residential.

Clubhouse? Oh yeah — the condo project will include “a clubhouse, modern fitness center, resort pool and outdoor dining areas,” based on the last press release we saw.

Still no word on what retail and or dining venue will occupy the retail space. Boo. But don’t forget to enter our contest to guess when the announcement will be made.

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  • David

    It is doubtful the Town Center as envisioned will ever be built.

  • stuart

    I wouldn’t trust anything on that site. It hasn’t been updated in over a year. Everything recent I could find only mentions apartments. 

  • Wilson!

    Try here:

    “The initial development will include more than 200 new flats, lofts and condos, with more to come…”

  • LH since 1981

    Only apartments for rent – no condominiums for sale, unless I have missed a press release.

  • Guest

    It is telling that North Lake Center can attract a new True Value for 15,000 SF but the LHTC has nothing going on but more apartments. 

  • If you click on the first link, it will take you to the background information. 

  • Guest

    “Condo project”  –  Did I miss something?