Domino’s delivery man shot outside Lake Highlands apartment

A Domino’s Pizza delivery driver last night was shot in the back during an attempted robbery at the Sienna Palms apartments on Audelia just south of Forest. According to the brief police report, the shooting garnered the criminals one $10 pizza. At least two suspects fled the scene and, as far as we know, are still at large.

I happened to be passing the complex as all this happened. It was about 7:30 p.m. and raining hard. I saw 3-4 police cars enter the property and one sat outside the property, and an ambulance lingered for at least 5-10 minutes. I don’t know if the victim is still alive. He was reportedly taken to Baylor. I’ll report back when I have more info.

As we already knew, but as this painfully illustrates, those attempting to fix the crime problem in our neighborhood’s many apartment complexes face an uphill battle.

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  • Triple Wildcat

    A-ha! That Domino’s is actually located in Garland! (barely) ūüėČ
    Hope the driver’s OK and they catch the punks.

  • Triple Wildcat

    Attendance zones within a school district change every so often and don’t reliably define a neighborhood. I would wager that at one time much of this area of “Lake Highlands” went to Berkner, and could again someday – the Berkner attendance zone is gerrymandered around this area and dips across LBJ into part of Hamilton Park. As your roundtable pointed out, there’s an area of Shoreview¬† Rd. that goes to DISD but most definitely is in Lake Highlands.

    And I think it’s more accurate to say Lake Highlands is part of District 10, rather than District 10 is Lake Highlands. The people in District 10 who live near Liberty Junior High would probably be offended if you said they live in Lake Highlands.

    It’s not a matter of not liking the area north of LBJ, it’s just that when people hear the name “Lake Highlands” they generally think of a neighborhood south of 635. It’s an accuracy issue.

    Before you can define where Lake Highlands is, you have to define “neighborhood.” To me, it’s people who share not only geography but common, everyday experiences. Growing up and living in Lake Highlands, I never ventured to the area just north of LBJ to shop, eat or play. Well, other than trips to Picasso’s, and even they have moved south to Lake Highlands “proper.” I don’t recall any of my friends living in that area. The high school, the Kingsley/Audelia intersection, Northlake shopping center and the Forest Meadows area were the centers of our universe, but maybe that’s just my experience.

    However, I do think the Lake Highlands neighborhood and the LHHS attendance zone are two different things and need to be defined as such. When you say Lake Highlands, most people think of the neighborhood south of LBJ. For school, city council and other purposes, “Lake Highlands” is often broadened to mean a larger geographic area. Perhaps the most fair and accurate statement is that the area north of LBJ is part of the greater Lake Highlands community, since we share a high school, but it is not in the Lake Highlands neighborhood.

  • Lake Highlands isn’t a city, so it is as it has been since the high school was built. The attendance lines drew, unofficially, the neighborhood. Sadly, you can’t just cut out the area of the neighborhood you don’t like.¬†

    By the way, we had a roundtable discussion and a cover story several months ago entitled “Where is Lake Highlands”‚ÄĒobviously there’s not one answer, but for the most part, the city’s District 10 is considered LH. Here’s a link:¬†¬†

  • The one on Walnut.

  • Triple Wildcat

    I’m interested in knowing which Domino’s delivers to that area, because there¬† isn’t a Domino’s in “Lake Highlands.”

  • Triple Wildcat

    I was thinking the same thing. The area north of LBJ needs to have its own name and identity. Although that area is part of the Lake Highlands HS attendance zone, lines drawn by the RISD should not define a community.The kids from north of LBJ who attend and graduate from LHHS are 100% Wildcats, just like the kids from the Hamilton Park who attend LHHS, but it’s a separate neighborhood from what is commonly considered Lake Highlands.

    There are existing neighborhood associations that I’m sure encompass this area, but their names aren’t well known to the average TV viewer or newspaper reader.

    I’m happy with Far Northeast Dallas if we want to be specific. Perhaps there is a more definitive name.

    It will require some diligence on the part of residents to correct the media when they label the area north of LBJ as Lake Highlands. It took them forever to learn the difference between Lake Highlands and Old Lake Highlands.

  • Guest

    I agree.  LH needs to be redefined as a smaller area.  It is currently the size of a small suburb when it’s really just a neighborhood that runs LBJ, Plano Road, NW Hwy, White Rock Creek, and Greenville Ave.  Everything outside of that should get a new name.

  • LHDad

    Totally agree.  For me the center of LH is Kingsley/Audelia and goes North to 635


    Does anybody really consider themselves to still be in Lake Highlands once crossing over to the north side of 635?  I think most would agree, that reporting the crime in that war zone to the north as Lake Highlands does skew the perception of our community unnecessarily. 

  • Jeff

    Lake Highlands has turned into the New South Dallas

  • Anonymous

    I guess thats true,but im just sick of having to defend LH to my Plano/Frisco friends.I love lake highlands!!!

  • Move where? The apartment complex or LH in general? Life inside the apartment complexes and outside them (sometimes only a few hundred feet away) are, sadly, vastly different. Crime in the single-family neighborhoods of Lake Highlands is no worse than any other mid-upper class urban area. ¬†

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry but after reading this,why would anyone want to move here?

  • Nicemistermustard

    You’re going to rob a guy for a pizza, and you order Domino’s? Dumb criminals.

  • Good one. But seriously, I don’t think the shooters actually lived in these apartments, based on what I am hearing. It looks like they ordered to pizza to a vacant apartment. Some apartment owner once told me that it’s common, especially after someone is evicted, for thugs (possibly including the evicted person) to break into the empty apartment and use it to hang, cook drugs, do other bad stuff (and maybe plan/execute a robbery).¬†

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this was one of those evicted from Arbor Vista by the Mandatory Crime Reduction Program that was highlighted this week. They just moved up the street?