Cats baseball goes wild against Samuell High

Lake Highlands High baseball scored 21 runs in the fifth inning against Samuell High on Tuesday night in the District 9-5A opener, but on an even larger scale, the Wildcats won 54-0.

Interestingly, there were no home runs and only one triple by Hudson Taylor. The Wildcats had five doubles and 44 hits overall in the game.

Michael Ketchmark led the way, going 8-for-9 with seven singles and a double and 11 RBI’s. Beau Barnes also had six RBI’s on five hits.

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The Wildcats pitching gave up no runs on no hits, though LHHS did have two errors.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this team, the district schedule is just getting started. The Wildcats play in the Elks Lodge #71 Tournament starting Thursday at 7:15 p.m. against Trimble Tech. Bishop Lynch, Berkner and Lovejoy are also slated on the schedule in the tournament.

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  • interesting

    Since you referenced the Dallas morning news blog, I thought it might be interesting to go in and read that. There were alot of comments and alot of opinions. I copied one that really stood out to me, shown below.

    I played for a team in DISD not too long ago and we faced this dilemma pretty often when playing Carter, Sunset, Molina, etc. There were some games where we would hit warmups to the other team because they didn’t know how to prepare for a game (some kids didn’t even know how to wear a glove properly…) However, we never let a score get this out of hand though we could have done it on many occasions. We did win by 20+ several times, but it’s really not that hard to stop scoring runs. We would put in every sub from the bench, and then have every player shift 3 positions to the right (catcher to SS, 1st to 3rd, etc.) When we were up by that much, we laid down bunts on every at bat. Having been there, I bet you that the players for lake highlands started feeling pretty guilty out there, and then it stops being fun for everyone.

  • RB

    Some of you got your wish. Some didn’t. It’s the headlining story on Yahoo.

  • Llets

    You’ll notice LC that once someone who was actually at the game posted the “FACTS” about the game … most of the experts had nothing more to say about the game. Dang its frustrating when “FACTS” get in the way.

    Interesting that the UIL is now thinking about letting us play with a modified mercy rule … like one LH fan suggested. Once Corbett Smith and the DMN crew get the facts, their tone will change as well.

    Problem was not with LH nor Samuell. The problem was that both teams were required to stay and play a full five innings before being permitted to leave to leave.

  • LC


    Well you got what you wanted. The Dallas Morning news picked up the story and readers are having a field day in their comments section – not a whole lot of good thoughts about LH except for yours.

  • Llets

    I hope the mainstream press DOES do a story on this. The article can focus on how the Lake Highlands coaches and kids handled a very bizarre and difficult situation with all the style and grace you would want from a team. It can also talk about how the Samuell kids never gave up or quit, but kept plugging away as long as the game was in progress.

    I was extremly proud of the way the Lake Highlands coaching staff and players handled the whole situation last night. The LH players and staff were the epitomy of “Sportsmanship” during the game and afterwards. The game could easily have ended up 100-0 or more, had LH not actively sought to limit their scoring opportunities, and I am not exagerating.

    Once the mismatch became obvious, the Lake Highland kids throttled back accordingly. One LH batter in particular hit what would have been and easy, base-clearing triple. Instead, the hitter stopped at first base, and the base runners only moved up one base each. There were other extra base hits that LH hitters voluntarily turned into singles by stopping at first base when they did not have to. In fact, LH went “base-to-base” regarless of how far the ball was hit, for most of the game. This meant that Samuell’s defence had a force out at at least one base (and most of the time all three bases) for almost the entire game. Samuell was just unable to take advantage of the Lake Highlands set up.

    LH did not steal any bases after it got to be 8-0, and did not take bases on passed balls, wild pitches, or even over throws by the other defense. The LH kids did not argue calls from the ump or trash talk Samuell’s players. LH threw a host of pitchers during the game instead of letting one of their “aces” throw the whole game. Any of the LH pitches could have pitched the whole game lat night. LH ran no “trick plays” to generate additional runs. There was no talk of reaching scoring plateaus. There was no attempt to run up the score. LH reached the 20, 30, 40 and 50-run marks, all without fanfare.

    Most of the LH starters came out of the game after the second inning. A ton of LH’s hits came from players who came off the bench to play. A large number of the singles and doubles recorded by LH players were basically misplayed but untouched fly balls, many of them fairly routine. Many of the “hits” recorded by LH would have been easy, routine, fly ball outs; if the Samuell player had just started in the correct spot for his position. There were an inordinate number of “singles” that resulted from infield popups that went completely untouched by the Samuell defensive players. None of this was Lake Highlands’ fault. The kids have to swing the bat when they step up to the plate. To “get out” on purpose would be classless, condescending, and insulting to the other team.

    The LH kids just put the ball in play, and Samuell just couldn’t track it. The LH players did nothing they should feel bad about. Their team demeanor was admirable. There was no exessive celebrations or derogatory comments directed to or about the other team. It was up to the other team to take advantage of the fairly easy defensive plays LH was giving them, but last night, for some reason, they just were not able to make fairly basic plays. The LH players were model citizens during the post-game hand shakes. They were incredibly poised in a very strange baseball environment.

    So. Mainstream press. Run the story. Its a good one. Proud of you, Cats; and the classy way you all conducted yourselves last night!

  • Triple Wildcat

    The mainstream press would have to be pretty naive to think LH was trying to run up the score. There is a mercy rule in high school baseball – a 10-run lead after five innings. And I assume the Samuell coach could have conceded the game at any point. But really, the responsibility is on the DISD to find ways to field competitive teams or else look for alternatives. The UIL also needs to address the issue of urban schools that have inflated enrollments on paper but are at a huge competitive disadvantage in many sports. There has to be some formula that would allow schools like Sunset and Samuell to play in a 4A or even 3A district in certain team sports that require high levels of participation from the student body.

  • LC

    I feel sorry for the other team. Hope this doesn’t get out in the mainstream press. These crazy scores always get a lot of attention. Not always good.