White Rock Coffee new location

Fellow coffee lovers, this is our lucky day. White Rock Coffee is adding another location under the name White Rock Coffee Express. It will be a new 3500-square-foot building at the northeast corner of Abrams and Mockingbird, behind Chase. Thanks to reader and neighbor Kevin Luper for letting us know, and for snapping this sweet pic of the spot.

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  • hbuzzell

    Wow, I wish they would open one of these in the old Starbucks space next to our Lake Highlands Burger Spot location (already setup as a coffee spot and we need a local coffee spot over here! BTW, Burger Spot is wonderful, ate there for lunch today and I am still full!

  • TheBinBigD

    ‘Adam’ Bombs closer to the office. Heaven!!

  • Jason

    I’ll never understand why some companies build new stores instead of taking an abandonded building, like one of the closed bank branches, and converting it. It has to be cheaper than a teardown/rebuild. I must be missing something.

    But I welcome another White Rock Coffee where ever they put it.

  • Jim Tudor

    White Rock Coffee will be opening a 480 square foot double drive through.