Our Readership

More than 200,000 readers depend on Advocate magazines every month for the information they need to get the most out of their neighborhoods for their families and their lifestyles. These people have things to do, places to shop and money to spend, and Advocate magazines are their clear choice. Why? Because no other publications reach more high-income Dallas decision-makers.

Household Income

With a discerning sense of fashion and design, our readers depend on our magazines to make their homes reflect their lifestyle.

Average Net Worth: $792,444
Average Household Income: $141,804
Average Home Value: $327,597
Total Published Monthly: $100,000+
Total Readership Monthly: 200,000+

More high-income decision-makers read our publications than any other.

Advocate Magazines: 89%
Dallas Morning News: 63%
Texas Monthly: 21%
Southern Living: 21%
D Magazine: 19%
D Home: 8%
Dallas Observer: 7%
Paper City: 7%

Demographics & Purchasing Power

Our readers are your customers: influential, wealthy trendsetters who can afford the best of everything.


45-54: 21%
35-44: 26%
25-34: 27%


Female: 52%
Male: 48%

Children Households with children under 18: 27%

Education Readers who attended college: 85%

Home and Real Estate Homeowners: 66%
Lived in the neighborhoods 5 years or less 22%
Average Home Value: $327,597

Home Improvement

Advocate who plan on remodeling or redecorating their home: During the next 12 month: 54%
Homes built in 1969 or earlier: 58%

How much they will spend?

Up to $25,000: 43%
$25,000-$50,000: 40%
More than $50,000: 17%

Home Design

Published annually each April

17 percent of our readers — 14,000 households — say they’ll spend more than $50,000 remodeling their homes this year. They depend on our annual Home Design magazine and our monthly magazines to tell them where to spend that money.

Total Published: Nearly 100,000

For more information on Home Design, click here.

SOURCE: Publication readership as determined by Circulation Verification Council, a nationally known independent audit company.