El Arroyo sign being “stolen”

Did you fall for the April Fool’s joke at El Arroyo? Ellis Winstanley, Lake Highlands native and owner of the Austin institution, is world-famous for the witty sayings he posts on the sign outside his eatery. Yesterday he shared a plea for help on social media.

“It is with great sadness that we share some disheartening news…Our famous marquee sign has been stolen. If you have any information about the whereabouts of the sign, or any leads, please comment below or send us a DM. #BringBackTheSign #ElArroyoSign”

El Arroyo tweeted a pic of the marquee being “stolen,” but soon after lunchtime they made it clear the sign was A-OK. Like all El Arroyo signs, it was a “made-ya-look” moment.

“Y’all fell hard for that one, huh,” the El Arroyo folks shared on Instagram and Facebook. “It is our PLEASURE to announce that the El Arroyo marquee sign has been found safe & sound with our friends at @yeti!”

Ever the master marketers, Winstanley and his crew are partnering with Yeti coolers to give away 200 of their new engraved lowball tumblers, along with a token redeemable for a free El Arroyo margarita.

“These bad boys keep your frozen or on the rocks colder than your ex’s heart.”

That Winstanley kid has a way with words. You can purchase books, cards and other merchandise with his signs’ funny insights on El Arroyo’s website here.