Many bicycles like this one have been posted as “stolen” to during the pandemic

Dallas police are noticing more families out riding bicycles during the pandemic, and they’re cautioning neighbors to take extra precautions to prevent bicycle theft. A few simple measures, they say, can protect your bicycle investment and extend the family fun.

After a ride, DPD advises:

  • Using a reliable bike lock (or two). “D” or “U” style locks are best, they say,
  • Locking your bike properly,
  • Taking your bike inside when possible,
  • Choosing a location carefully if parking in a public area,
  • Taking a photo of your bike, and
  • Recording the make, model and serial number.

On, reports of missing bicycles have increased during the coronavirus outbreak.

“Strange thing happened today,” wrote one Lake Highlands neighbor June 4. “Unbeknownst to us, my five-year-old opened the garage and didn’t shut it. When we came home tonight, there was a woman’s bike in my garage and my husband’s bike was gone. So, if you had a bike stolen today it might be in my garage. In related news, if anyone sees a blue male Trek bike with silver writing and a bag attached to the seat and black handlebars, it’s probably ours.”

Another woman had bikes stolen from their apartment patio just a week after they were purchased.

“Unfortunately our neighbors saw and heard nothing,” she shared. “We will be visiting pawn shops nearby in hopes of finding them.”

One man was kicking himself for not taking precautions like the ones DPD is now sharing widely.

“We should have known better than to leave our bikes out front. Will be doing a police report later today.”

He captured Ring video of the thief, which you can view here.

DPD noted that many businesses are sold out of bikes due to the high demand during COVID quarantine, and that adds to the problem.

“Bike shops are having a hard time even keeping bikes in stock,” wrote Jordan Chaney on Nextdoor. “COVID has made the bike market crazy. The used market is probably making theft favorable. It will be hard to just run to the bike shop and replace it due to high demand of low to medium priced quality bikes.”