Photo courtesy of Laurie Nuchereno.

Say ‘hello’ to Hello Deluxe Car Wash!

Frank and Laurie Nuchereno are bringing a new and high-tech car wash to the Vickery Meadow area.

The car wash plans to open on June 15 and will join the area across from Mariano’s Hacienda and Alamo Drafthouse.

The Nuchereno’s own a self-storage business in the area for 20 years and they decided to expand to a car wash.

“We’re on a creek and it’s been hard to rent out the area,” Laurie says.

Her husband Frank started researching potential businesses for the “unusable piece of land” and figured out they were zoned for a potential car wash.

“The car washes are high tech nowadays if you do them right,” Laurie says. “It’s a fun experience. It’s also great for the environment.”

The car wash is environmentally friendly because it reuses gray water from rinse cycles. They also use soap without dyes.

Due to the city’s requirements, the Nuchereno’s added an area for a food truck and shored up the area by the creek.

“We’re all for the community, we have one open in Garland already, we’re very involved in the community, we do a lot of community fundraisers,” Laurie says. “We hope to be the same level of involvement in the Vickery Meadow and Lake Highlands.”