Share the Love package

Wouldn’t you love to walk onto the COVID-19 ward of one of these hospitals and give some exhausted healthcare workers a big ole hug? Now you can, sort of.

Lake Highlands neighbor Jenna Bredehoeft has been making cards for people since she could hold a crayon. With the support of husband Philip, a 2004 LHHS grad, and the “help” of their young daughters Brooklyn and Ruby, she created a stationery business in 2017 called Bred & Butter. In addition to online sales, her bright and uplifting designs are sold at Etico, a gift shop in Fort Worth’s busy medical district.

This month, Jenna has joined a “Share the Love” campaign to hand-write and deliver cards and gifts to hospital workers fighting the pandemic. When you click here and purchase her pink or teal heart card for $15, she and her partners at Etico and Roots Coffee House will visit John Peter Smith hospital, hit hard by COVID-19, to deliver a card with an encouraging message inside. They’ll also include $10 gift cards for both Roots and Etico.

You can dictate your own message in the notes section when you order, or they’ll compose a message for you and sign your name.

“The sacrifices you make daily to serve our community, to help bring healing where it is needed most, is truly inspiring,” reads one message. “I hope this small token of gratitude helps you remember that you are appreciated.”

You can shop Jenna’s other cards here.

Cards by Bred and Butter