Oak Highlands Brewery

The month of March has been a tough year due to the coronavirus outbreak. As the weekend approaches, Oak Highlands Brewery owner Derrin Williams has good news. Though their taproom is closed, they’re selling all your favorite beers to go with curbside pickup.

To place an order, you may call OHB at 469-802-9455 or email sales@ohbrewery.com and they’ll have your stuff ready when you roll up. This time of year, you can choose fresh-brewed All Good, Golden Mustache, DFDub, Derelict, Freaky Deaky and other flavors, or pop in and just order what feels good.

OHB is at 10484 Brockwood, near Royal Lane and LBJ. They’re open 12-7 Mon-Fri and 12-6 Sat-Sun.