RING doorbell photo of silver GMC Yukon

About 12:45 p.m. today/Friday, Monette Irwin was driving home on Arborside near Royal Lane when she saw a woman, clearly in distress. The woman was crying and running while talking on her phone. Though Irwin didn’t recognize her, she stopped to see if she could help.

The woman told Irwin she’d been the victim of an attempted abduction. Once Irwin spoke to the woman, she realized she does know members of her family well. Advocate is opting not to share the woman’s name.

The woman told Irwin she left home to get some fresh air in the neighborhood after being cooped up in the house due to coronavirus restrictions. She was walking on Arborside when a Hispanic male in a silver GMC Yukon pulled up and asked if she needed a ride. She told him no, that she was getting some exercise. He pulled away, but then came around again and tried to grab her. She began screaming, and he got back into his Tahoe and drove away. Irwin drove the woman to safety, and her husband was home to comfort her. Dallas police responded immediately.

Irwin shared the story on social media, because she’s aware that many people are out and about while schools and businesses are shut down due to COVID-19.

“All these kids are home and their parents are sending them outside,” she told me. “Everybody needs to be careful. We need to spread the word.”

If you believe you have information about the man in the silver GMC Yukon, please call the Dallas Police Department tip line at 1-877-373-TIPS.

Update at 4:30 p.m.: This post was edited to add RING doorbell photos and reflect that the vehicle was a silver GMC Yukon. The DPD called the victim today and told her the same man attempted to kidnap someone else at Arborside and Club Glen.

RING doorbell pic of silver GMC Yukon