At some point, haven’t we all dreamed of shirking our responsibilities, staying inside and binging our favorite shows? With the coronavirus pandemic keeping us indoors, we finally have an excuse to do just that. Here are five Dallas-centric shows to keep you entertained.

1. After working on indie films like “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” East Dallas filmmaker David Lowery spent two months in New Zealand directing Disney’s reimagined “Pete’s Dragon.” Watch it on Disney+.

2. Watch “The Highwaymen” on Netflix, which tells the story of notorious West Dallas outlaws Bonnie and Clyde through the eyes of the lawmen who hunted them.

3. “The Thin Blue Line” is considered one of the greatest documentaries of all time. We couldn’t find it for free anywhere, but it could be worth a few bucks to rent. The event in question took place on North Hampton Road in West Dallas. Watch it and then watch the spoof, “The Eye Doesn’t Lie.”

4. A documentary streaming on Netflix, “ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas” starts with Lakewood’s own Dusty Hill. He and his brother, the late guitarist Rocky Hill, grew up in Lakewood, he describes growing up in East Dallas in the film.

5. Netflix also has “Dallas Buyers Club,” the 2013 biopic about Ron Woodroof, who contracted AIDS in the mid-1980s and smuggled unapproved pharmaceuticals for himself and other Dallas patients. The movie is based on a Dallas Morning News magazine story by Bill Minutaglio.