Ceelo shoots a free throw

If you happened to be at the Lake Highlands Junior High 8th grade B-team basketball game Thursday night, you may still be wondering what happened. After C’Angelo Wilson, better known as Ceelo to his adoring teammates, stepped up and sank a free throw, the other players and folks in the stands went a little bonkers.

Ceelo is a tall kid and looks every bit the athlete, but a few challenges limit his hand-eye coordination. He began the season as manager for the team.

Coach Tony Perez and Ceelo’s teammates have been trying for several games to help him score, but it just wasn’t happening. Thursday, after he scored a point against Westwood Junior High, Wildcat A-team players rushed the court from the stands to help celebrate. The poor Westwood team couldn’t figure out what the fuss was about.

After team mom Leah Nix Marshall loaded video of the moment to her Facebook page, ESPN SportsCenter asked for permission to share the clip. Ceelo even loaded the video to his Youtube page, and you can view it below.

“Ceelo is a big, goofy kid who loves basketball and loves to be around,” Coach Perez told me. “It’s been so good for him to be on the team. The kids have gotten to know him, and he’s sitting with more kids in the cafeteria.”

Ceelo has gone into every game since they gave him a jersey, Perez said, but he didn’t score until Thursday.

“The kids try to give him the ball, and he’s been so close, so close. He’s there every day, and they see him having so much fun. He does this awkward little dance, and it’s fun to have him around.”

Perez just had a feeling that Thursday’s game would be “the moment.”

“I told the refs these boys are going to go crazy if this boy scores.”

If you want to see Ceelo and his teammates in action, you can catch tonight’s big 8th grade B-team district championship at 7:30. In fact, 4 finals will be played tonight – 8th grade A and B and 7th grade A and B, all Forest Meadow against LHJH. The event is expected to draw such a big crowd that it’s been moved to Forest Meadow Junior High where there’s more seating. You can also support the kids Feb. 12 from 5-9 p.m. by attending their LHJH Basketball Spirit Night at Taco Joint. Mention LHJH Basketball at the Lakeridge Village location at 10% goes to the Wildcat Club. Go Cats!