Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so we’re sharing a daily love story leading up the rose and candy filled day. Recently we reach out to hear about your high school sweetheart stories for our magazine, and while we had a hard time picking the stories, we wanted to continue to share those that warmed our hearts. Here is the Pace story.

Laurie Pace and Terry Pace were LHHS class of 1970. They met in 7th grade when their class was the first to go to the newly built first wing of LHHS, they were steady by 8th grade.

“We have a unique story of what split us up as we graduated and how we found each other at the twentieth reunion…and we have been married almost 30 years,” Laurie shared in a Facebook post. “One of our best friends was and is Paul Stephen Worrell, who gave me a first kiss in fourth grade… he still practices medicine in LH area. We had a very close group of friends and we are still connected closely.”

“OH I have THE KISS… first KISS….Spin the bottle at Candy Moser Hagan’s house on Shadyview!” wrote Laurie.

Summers were the best!

Their wedding day.

Christmas day in 2019.