Is it just us or is Lake Highlands High School a better matchmaker than the Bachelor? (Sorry Chris Harrison, LHHS class of ’89)

Here’s Joe and Rhonda Clifford’s high school sweetheart story:

Joe and Rhonda dated all throughout their years at LHHS. They began dating in 1982, but they knew each other much longer before that. “I was her paperboy when we were both 12,” Joe says.

After getting married in ’89, the duo started their business C&C Exteriors. Both of their children attended St. Patrick, then attended LHHS. Their daughter, Nicole, was both junior and senior class president. They also have two dogs named Cosmo and Lizzy.

“We love each other dearly, travel often with and without our kids,” Joe says. “We cook together nightly and always eat together as a family.”

Their advice: Try not to let money get between what’s really important in life and also try to travel as much as you can.

Favorite neighborhood date spot: It’s tough because we frequent almost all of them, but we genuinely love the staff at Taco Diner. When we walk in they automatically bring us our appetizer and a margarita with Grand Marnier on top of it before we even have to order.