A neighbor reached out to say that there has been a gas leak on McCree Road and Aldwick Drive. There have been reports from schools to stay inside.

Lake Highlands Elementary has notified parents and RISD officials. They are operating as normal.

Kids won’t be going outside for P.E. and recess, but they weren’t initially not going outside due to the cold.

The neighbor also said they can smell a strong natural gas smell 5 or 10 blocks from the location of the gas leak.

As of 2 p.m. the evacuation has been lifted.

Here is the message from Atmos Energy:

Atmos Energy’s highly trained technicians were called to investigate an odor call near the intersection of Parkford Drive and Aldwick Drive in Dallas.

Dallas Fire Rescue issued a precautionary evacuation of several residences in the area, and Atmos Energy’s highly trained technicians remain on scene to make the necessary repairs and make the area safe.

The safety of the public, our employees and our system is our highest priority, and we want to thank Dallas Fire Rescue for their support and the residents who did the right thing by calling our emergency number.

As always, Atmos Energy would like to remind everyone if you think you smell gas? Act fast!  Leave the area immediately and from a safe distance call 911 and the Atmos Energy emergency number, 866.322.8667:https://www.atmosenergy.com/safety/recognizing-leak